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In the last 5 years, music-oriented website that either review, share, and promote music have been joined by web sites that offer bands the ability to promote themselves.

CultureMob has launched exclusively, at first, to Seattle, Portland and Denver. It’s a fast, slick-looking site with familiar Web 2.0-ish technologies (widgets, comments, personalization, etc.). CultureMob helps people discover, promote and share local events, including movies, live music, theater, sports, educational events and more. If the visitor takes a few minute to browse the site’s offerings, he or she will find little refinements, like easily-expandable event listings, quick subscribe to the 亚博, a convenient connection to Apple’s iCal day planner, as well as a to embed within numerous external Web services, from MySpace to Facebook to WordPress to TypePad to 亚博ger to iGoogle to Netvibes to Hi5 to Ning (and several others), that show its creators have gone the extra mile in development, which we think most all users would justly appreciate.

Altogether, CultureMob is a pleasant alternative to the biggest hitters of the event promotion and search arena. It certainly has its limits, given its city-by-city growth plan. But perhaps such a strategy will serve the startup well. It is making sure to establish an event listing base in various locations, without expanding too far too quickly. It is by no means attempting to push its luck. And maybe that will set it apart from the mainstays of the market. Better to serve users with more event choices in fewer cities than more cities with sparse selections, we say. So if you’re in Seattle, Portland, or Denver, or plan to venture out to those areas in the near future, give CultureMob a try. You may be pleasantly surprised with what it presents.

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